Audi driver international show 2018

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Event date: Saturday 2018-10-13
Registration ends: Friday 2018-10-12
Username Guest count Note
a2sumo a2sumo 1  
KekseKaempfer KekseKaempfer 1 A2
Muska Muska 1  
A2Steve A2Steve 1 Bringing Peppa.
rosiedog rosiedog 2 Rosie is on holiday that weekend
stevec stevec 1 Maybe 2 if the better half fancies a day out
Cenick Cenick 1 Maybe 2
Vonnie Vonnie 1  
Teresa Teresa 2  
Gritty Gritty 2 1 car
A Aye2 2  
Proghound Proghound 1 Just me
robin robin 2 Just my car mike thanks
Jellybean Jellybean 2 and a dog!
drewroberts drewroberts 2  
sciroccorrado sciroccorrado 1 Just waiting on tix :)
Captain059 Captain059 1 Could you also book me for the Saturday night dinner? Thanks
Reubenah Reubenah 1 I will attend
ben ben 1  
ajsellors ajsellors 1  
Nye Nye 1 Morning only. Driving over from Cardiff
Tobecomecarrion Tobecomecarrion 2 A2
Clemy123isme Clemy123isme 2 Minty OSS ~ ASAP ~ half day


A2OC Donor
Just a reminder to those dinning with us tonight. The table is booked for 7pm some of us are in the bar at the far end. Feel free to join us. Cheers mike.
Premier inn Swindon west


A2OC Donor
Mike, I'm generally pretty useless as a club member.
Post when I have a problem and then disappear
Anyway, to further reinforce this description I had no idea about the Castle Coombe meeting tomorrow - and I live about 20 mins away!
I plan to get there if I can for a very brief visit around midday No need for a pass as I'll get a ticket at the gate

Do you know of any member who could use a set of 4 x 6 spoke 17s in v. good nick with decent rubber all round.
I plan on bringing them if I can fit with the seats down
Also a near side headlamp unit. Also pretty good nick
f.o.c. for a good homeView attachment 44472
I know it’s unlikely that he’s looking at this but a huge thanks to @aspiotis for the Alloys and headlight much appreciated and will be put to good use!

Thanks again!


A2OC Donor
Me and my wife had a great time yesterday, it was really good to put some faces to names (sorry if I didn't get a chance to speak with you, hopefully at the next one! :) ) thanks all for being so friendly, there was a really good club feel and I came away with even more A2 parts to decorate the house with! Looking forward to the next one :)

Did anyone spot the window sticker on the shed by the way? 'My other car is a Porch' ?
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