Audi radio removal keys won't lock

I have a Audi Concert radio (single din) on my A2 (1.2TDI) which I want to remove because I need to change the hazard lights button. The local Audi dealer sold me the button and offered to get the radio removed (for free). They couldn't get the radio out: the removal keys won't "lock" and they slip whenever they try to pull them (with the radio). They told me the only way they'll be able to remove the radio might imply braking/damaging some of the surrounding plastics.
Does anyone has another idea/suggestions on how to remove the radio? They tried removing the climate control unit but they said the bolts (?) that hold the radio are on the back and so the access to them is too difficult.
Thanks in advance for any help.

PS: my hazard lights don't work. The directions lights do just fine and all four flash when I lock the car. So I think it's just the hazard lights button that doesn't work (and the problem doesn't come from the relay box).


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Is this a true Audi dealer or just a garage that works on Audi cars? If the latter, make sure they are using the correct radio keys as shown in this post -
Second, the climate unit is not bolted in. It's held in place by 4 strong spring clips so you really need access from the rear to push it out - just a thought, did they try removing the cubby hole below the climate for access ?
Sorry I can't think of a way to remove the radio without damaging something.

Cheers Spike
Spike has provided the answer here.......

Open the ashtray (otherwise it may break)
Remove the cubby hole above this
Insert a hand into the void and push the back of the climate control unit so it comes forward (there are no screws)
Remove the climate control unit
Insert the keys into the radio
Place hand into the void and push the radio out

My RNS-E has a similar issue as it's a tight fit - but this is because I still have to trim it a little.......But also I am using a very poor quality set of keys.

Hope this helps

Thank you lot Spike and Jeff for your very quick replies.
Spike: It's a true Audi dealer (all poshy and clean), so I'm hoping they used the correct radio keys. I didn't express myself correctly: I think they removed the climate control unit but they couldn't get the radio out because something was bolted. The cubby hole was already removed by me (since a few days ago that I've been trying to get it out and finally managed, because I read so many people having trouble to do it and I wanted to be sure I could, just in case it's not the button but the relay that has a problem).
Jeff: I will try to get myself original Audi keys in the "internet" (Audi didn't want to sell them to me...) and follow your procedures myself although I think that at Audi they tried the same without success.

I'll keep you updated.

Hi Miguel,

I am unsure if there are any differences with the dashboard in your 1.2, but I would doubt it.

I suspect it's either just very stiff, or the keys were inserted the wrong way round and therefore they did not engage the unlocking mechanism on the radio.


After some searching in the internet I found the approximate dimensions of the removal keys and I gave it a go by doing myself some from a credit card (without any hooks because apparently its use is just for holding the radio while one pulls it out). I also found out what is the correct way round. And by pushing the radio from the back just like you said Jeff (thank you very much!) and with both plastic keys inserted I got it out!!!
I'm still a bit surprised that it work out and mainly for the fact that at Audi they didn't managed! I have the feeling they must have felt that my credits for a free job were over after some much hassle...
Thanks again for all the help. Here are some photos to prove it ;) Radio out.jpg plastic radio removal key.jpg