Audis in the park 2017


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Hi all yep its that time of year for the fantastic Audis in the park 9 show August 13th. This year it is back to a one day show and as A2oc we will be attending.
This year sees a change in venue as its now held at Dean Park-Corby-Northampton For up to date show info click this link

This show has for the last eight years been a great day to meet other A2oc members in a nice laid back atmosphere-good time to check out what modifications some members have done to their pride and joy. On the flip side its always great to see the standard cars in all the colours under the sun. Talking of sun--this show has a great reputation for good weather (although three years ago we had rain of biblical proportions) There are all ages of Audi on show and some of the clubs put on a great display. There is a show and shine if you fancy your chances-i know a few of you lavish some rather expensive products on your cars. We had one of our members get "top5 show and shine" so "get your shine on"

If your new to the club or have never been to a "social" make this your first we are a friendly bunch and there is no pressure to do anything other than park your car on our pitch and have some fun wandering around. We will of coarse have the event shelter and the BBQ's on the stand so please bring a chair or blanket to sit on and your choice of food for the BBQ. We will have sausage rolls on offer but in limited supply so if you smell them get your orders in! i will be on hot drinks duties with our traveling kitchen.

So after reading all that and you still want to join us-- please click the attending in the calendar found here

ADVANCED TICKETS ARE BEING SOLD VIA AITP WEB SITE---So go get them if you haven't got them yet. Tickets are available on the day but its easier for all if you can get there early--you just drive straight in. REMEMBER ONE TICKET PER ADULT UNDER 16'S FREE

For those of you who are looking for a hotel, there are a few of use booked into the Holiday Inn Corby
this is about 15 minutes drive from AITP.

An evening meal will be offered once we have found a suitable venue.

Cheers mike any questions just ask away.

Click here for a few of last years pics---


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Can I just check that it's the Saturday night that you're staying over please Mike (I know I should know this as I was there last year!)
I'm sure it would be as most people are at work/school on Monday. Thank you


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Myself and Carole will be there, looking forward to it,
Come on fellow members, let's make our presence felt this year and smash the attendance from previous years, plenty of notice for everyone, it's middle of Britain so everyone is likely to travel a similar distance, so come on, no excuses this year lol, lets show the other Audi clubs what we are made of!!
Cheers Jeff


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Much like Muska I don't know if I can attend yet (as I'll be knee deep in wedding arrangements) but if I can make it I'd love to. The fact the show entrance is literally 6 miles away from my front door means I should really make an effort!

Could I just turn up on the day and wangle my way to the club stand?

(might drag the OH along too either with or without her TT)
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