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You may have noticed that Ian as not been active on the forum for the last 6 weeks or so.
I made contact with Ian's partner yesterday, and have her and Ian's permission to post an update.
Ian was involved in an accident on the underground in London a good few weeks ago, he was hopsitalised with concussion and was expected to be home a couple of weeks ago.
However it proved to be a little more serious as he actually has a fractured skull and a small bleed on the brain. He is recovering in hospital and expected to be home in two weeks or so to continue his recovery.
I'm sure, like me, you wish Ian a speedy and full recovery

Oh my god..yes please pass on all our thoughts 💭 I thought he had gone quiet we all do from time to time family and life we don’t always have time to be on here ..all the very best Ian for a speedy full recovery 👍
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Sorry to hear that, sending him best wishes for quick and full recovery.


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Oh gosh. Bless him. Sending all of the hugs and best wishes for a speedy recovery. Thank you for letting us know


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Paul, thank you so much for letting us know. All our hopes and wishes to Ian for his recovery, I hope it's not a long and arduous journey for him.


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I had wondered why we hadn’t heard from him. Poor b****r, lets hope he has a quick recovery

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Wishing Ian a speedy recovery and sending all our best wishes to him and his family. Thanks for the update Paul, much appreciated.


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That is awful news. I hope Ian has a speedy recovery and is soon on the mend at home (I know what it's like to be in Hospital and whilst they are the best best in the world, the place still is quite depressing). Hopefully getting all the care he needs and soon off home to chill out and take it easy.


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@Bargepower - Ian if you are reading this firstly wishing you are better soon. I'm aware there's club members who've been concerned for your welfare and / or trying to get in touch regarding some car parts requiring uplift from you. When you're able a courtesy message to them and arrangements to complete the handover etc would be appreciated.


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We tend to forget. its not the cars that are fragile, it is us!!!
Have a speedy recovery and try not to overdo things. You and family come first, but your extended A2 family all wish you the very best.