BHC TDI 75 Remap North East Recommendations


Thinking about remapping my tdi75 and wondered if anyone had any recommendations in the Newcastle/NE area as Stealth is too far to travel for me?


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got mine done at richard martin automotive solutions in peterlee ,dont remember the cost but rolling road print out and 99.9 bhp! and i asked for the 00.1 bhp extra ;)
Hello bigwig74

Do you have a rough idea of the cost and was it really worth it? Has the fuel economy changed because I struggle to understand the claims that more power/torque equals less fuel consumption. Superchips quote £320 to do an A2 75 bhp diesel. That's not an investment that I would consider but I'm happy to look at alternatives. Thanks.



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I had a Revo remap done 3 years ago and was very pleased. Not necessarily the max you can achieve but reliable and no risk of overstretching.
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are your nearest Revo agent.

i believe £300 is their typical list price. I got it on a promotion offer for £150. Very definitely the best mod I’ve had done.
Economy improved and the car was far more pleasurable to drive with masses of low down torque, which is maintained through the speed range. Amazing how tolerant it is in all gears.
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I will be coming up to Huddersfield soon. IF you want to wait . I am going to see my slave remapper up there for a software/hardware update for him.
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I got a second hand ecu remapped with immo off from a well known A2 guru on here, £63 all in and still have my original ecu too