Bluetooth plug-in-to-CD port Gadgets: Any views?


Hi, I like the look of this

Plug into the CD port on my Chorus tape player to proivde streaming AND hands free. I like the fact it keeps the car looking OEM and is car-park friedly as no ones going to nick a tape deck. My A2 is a second car used for short local trips so im not at all incinced to do anything clievr like a double din satnav upgrade etc.

Anyne got an experiance of this one?


Works perfectly and has zero negative effects on sound quality. Can’t vouch for it enough. I love it!


I'm going to be looking at something "like" this as I still want the 7 inch screen and the obd2 features but a better quality version


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I believe i have this fitted and it works perfectly fine, connects to phone right away automagically with starting up the car, however with Bose fitted I can notice sound is not as crisp for lack of better word, than playing from CD, but could just be bluetooth 2.0 it uses and lack of bandwidth, or the DAC, couldn't say. Good enough not to be bothered by it but not perfect.
It's probably the source of the recording, rather than the Bluetooth transmission. A CD is high quality, while an mp3 recording (file) is much lower quality. Mp3 is popular, as it gives reasonable quality in a small file size. The files on a CD are very big, and would quickly use up all the storage capacity (on the phone, SD Card etc).
The acoustic environment in a car is poor, and noisy, so Bose or not, HiFi it never will be.


I had one of these and sent it straight back, very poor in my opinion. Bluetooth kept cutting out and it completely failed within two days...

Mine has been 100%, it was a little bit of a challenge to fit as the instructions took some interpretation (threw them away and just reasoned it out
instead), apart from that very good and arguably better then the built-in Bluetooth on my other JVC head unit.