BP Fuel and full service with Genuine Audi parts = 83mpg whooohooooo

Finally an mpg figure I can get on board with. The last time I got anywhere near this mark was Sept 2014!!
From then the MPG went down and stayed there hovering at best 70mpg.

The last service I had in January 2015 was with third party parts, I was not happy about that but was assured that they were quality parts, at the time it was what was on offer so I took it.

The main service was due about two weeks ago and I decided to do it myself just to see what all the fuss was about.
The actual service took no time at all, but I was being very methodical and jacking up the car and putting it on stands etc took most of the time. I also spent a lot of time studying the Forums notes about where and how to change all of the filters.

The fuel filter was probably the fiddliest and typically my hose clamps failed so I lost more than a cupful of diesel before I stopped and popped to Halfords the next day to pick up new ones.

This 83mpg is the result of BP fuel and full service with a trip into town, getting stuck in horrendous London traffic because of Greenpeace demonstrations (ironically about Shell drilling for oil in the Arctic) and motorway journey back.

So with two fill ups prior to the service with BP fuel and then the service with proper parts, and a further fill up with BP fuel I feel that Genuine parts certainly make a difference to the car and possible so does the fuel.

Of note Morrissons fuel gave the worst performance for my car in it's history. I've mostly been filing up at either Tescos and Asda. After today it's only going to be BP.
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