Byzanz Purple A2


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Hi welcome to the club. I have certainly never seen one in this colour before. There was an option when new to have an A2 in any colour within the VAG pallet but was a £2000 option so was rarely opted for. Member special edition knows a fair bit about colour numbers so hopefully he can add to this.

Have you checked the colour code on the chassis sticker to confirm it is not a respray?

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Hello and welcome from a fellow West Yorkshire member. According to Alan Coopers list there was only ever one FSI SE and one FSI sport registered with the DVLA in Purple/mauve/violet so it is a very rare car indeed - the only SE ever registered in this country in this colour. A very nice find - well done !. :)
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Have you checked the colour code on the chassis sticker to confirm it is not a respray?
It's defo never had a respray, where the paint code is on the chassis sticker it just reads ----/----, I've just been to Audi to see if I can get a touch up pen and on there system it reads 99, they had to email Audi technical with it being a special order colour for the paint code and it came back as Byzanz Y4N. I also have all the original paperwork and order form from when it was bought and on there it says Byzanz.
It looks quite dark on the pics but when it's sunny it a really bright metallic pearl purple.


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Wow how fantastic - awesome colour, even better in the summer I bet. I really hope you make it to our socials - one of which is close to you. Cheers Mike


Great find and great looking car..!! I really think the A2 lends itself well to some more bright or special colors, and its sure a nice feeling knowing you have one of kind..

It also looks to be a very fine specimen in general with some great options as OSS, reverse sensors and is that leather seats I spot in there.?!? Please post up some more photos and info on your new car..!



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It's beautiful. There was a purple FSI sport posted on the spotted forum a few years ago. It had yellow leather. Don't think it was the same shade as this. A rarity indeed. I've only come across a handful of lifestyle paint A2 and only seen one 'in the flesh'
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Ive just double checked and there were no Tdi,s registered in this colour - i wonder where the one purple sport FSI is ?. If you tie Jimbo,s car in with "jeffers" rare yellow storm Tdi and the brilliant Kingsfisher blue then we have at least three members with super unique coloured cars - good news !. :)
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Hi and welcome from another Leeds member.

Great colour - I'll give a wave when I spot that fantastic rare purple A2!

Enjoy your new car!

It'll be up forsale soon, i bought it to save it from possibly being broken up as it had engine trouble, the water pump bearings had collapsed and making a funny noise, the garage gave the owner a price for a new pump / belts etc and said worse case it might need an engine so he sold it with the fault and so I had to save it.
I owne a black fsi sport for 7 years before and new them inside out so was an easy fix.
My old one that's very much missed :-

Depending on what price you ask when you sell.and mileage
Can I have first refusal?
That's fine, it's got 129200 miles, loads of history from new but it's got some faults, some of which I'm was going to do before selling, it can either go as it is or some of them doing.
If you want to pm me your number and maybe sort something out.
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*starts pricing up how much it would cost to transfer of over of the bits on my car to a purple A2...*

Looks really nice, I wish Audi had offered more colours for the A2 as standard, they look great in more unusual colours.