Question Can anyone identify the purpose of this pipe?

Does anyone know what the pipe that goes over the webasto heater and larger tube coming off this part of the intake manifold is for?

I traced the pipe on my 1.4tdi AMF and it snakes behind the wiper motor to some kind of module in circle 2.

The larger tube then is cable tied along just beneath the bonnet seal and is sealed at the end with no noticeable holes or sensors.

Ive tried searching, but honestly, Im not too sure what im searching for.




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The EGR valve is opened by vacuum. This tube allows the EGR's vacuum control valve (no. 2 in your picture) to have a supply of filtered air (available at no. 1 in your picture). This means that, when the EGR valve closes, all associated tubing is filled with clean air rather than dirty air.


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