Can anyone recommend tuning garage to remap SW london area or nearby?


Hi All,

As i am fitting a BNIP clutch with all the bits and bops i'll see about getting it remapped next once i sort out few other minor issues with engine and do a service.

Anyone have recommendations? debating sending turbo to turbodynamics first for a refurb/upgrade as well as there is an oil leak somewhere there - will be an opportunity to get that out of the way as well.


Admin Team
I am in the process of remapping mine. Genuine MASTER tools, Genuine Winols software. I am based in Chobham and use Surrey Rolling Road for dyno runs, so no funny business on the figures can happen.
While your post doesn't quite read as such, it's worth reminding readers of this thread that the A2OC cannot support the advertising of any engine remapping services offered by members. Members must not advertise these services nor promote such services of other members on the forum.

The OP's question is valid though - recommendations for professionally developed remaps are welcome. I know it's some way from SW London but the first name that springs to mind is Stealth Racing in Warwickshire, they know the A2 TDI's very well.