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Hi, I need to replace the centre section of the exhaust as it sounds like a baffle has come loose and its rattling. Annoying as the complete exhaust is in very good condition, passed its mot about 3 weeks ago, but rattle not present then. Has anyone replaced just the centre section, cutting the pipe behind the cat. My car has the larger 42 or 45 litre? Fuel tank. Can anyone recommend a supplier.
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Are you sure it isnt the heat shield plates fitted to the bottom of the car?
They have a habit of breaking free from their mounting points and touching the exhaust, happend to mine and is relativley common.


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Firstly, as others have already pointed out, you need to establish whether or not the exhaust is actually causing the rattle, or whether it is simply the heat shield plates.

If you do need a section of new exhaust welded in, you might want to consider using Infinity Exhausts:

They build custom exhausts to a very high standard, and a couple of years ago I drove over from Norwich because they were the closest company that gave me that quality. Their silencers contain no internal baffles whatever.

In 2018 they quoted me £350 for a cat-back exhaust, or £700 for a full manifold-back system. I went for the latter and couldn't be more pleased with the result. It took just under 4 hours to fit, is really quiet, and the engine just runs so much better.

Beyond checking that they're not leaking, an MoT test tells you nothing whatever about the state of the exhaust. My own exhaust was showing the classic signs of a system that is becoming choked with internal rust, with very poor low end torque a particular issue.

It's not a great idea to patch in really short sections of exhaust, but a cat-back replacement stopping short of the rear box is more than realistic. Obviously in the current environment they may not be taking on work, but it's easy enough to ring them and get a quote.


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If the silencer is at fault, then how feasible is it to delete, and just replace with a piece of pipe?

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