Club Shop


Has anyone had any problems / delays with orders from the club shop?
I placed an order on 5th March but still showing as processing,
Who do we contact to follow up?
I’ve used the contact us at the bottom of the page but heard nothing



Social Secretary
Hi. That is me. so sorry you have had a delay. I know I've got a couple coming to the end of the two weeks as I've been away and has intended to do them this week, but got stuck in bed with flu. I'm pretty sure i havent got any over that time. Its a bit worring as it should come to me if someone uses the contact us too, but I've not had anything.
I'll get our tech guru to check, but can you send me a private message in the meantime letting me know what you've ordered and I'll make sure it's in the post to you tomorrow.
So sorry
Hi Teresa. Sorry to hear you've been unwell.
I also placed an order in the last couple of weeks; stickers, badge, number plates.