Clutch pedal occasionally staying at the floor - Tdi 75bhp AMF


Our little A2 recently had a gearbox refurb and new clutch at Stealth Racing. This morning my wife calls me to say the clutch pedal stayed at the floor but she had managed to hook it back up and it was now working as normal.

This happens so infrequently that I’d forgotten to mention it to stealth when they were doing the gearbox/clutch work.

What are the probable causes of this?


Most likley the clutch slave cylinder on the gearbox, nice and easy job too, check for signs of fluid leaking on top and bottom of gearbox
Check also for fluid leaks around top of clutch pedal as this is where master cylinder lives. Usually a master cylinder failure is a total failure but is still a possibility, the units fail internally as fluid gets past the seals so its a guess at times but the slave is a easier starting point!