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I was wondering what that car was in @Snydersmuncher93's avatar :)

Pity it never got released, that would have broken ground that took a few more years before Citroen released the Pluriel.
It even stole a march on the colour scheme and coupe MPV idea of the Renault Avantime by a couple of years.


I've been tempted to get my pillars wrapped in silver. That might just twist my arm, especially as I'm considering selling my A4 to lavish TLC on the A2. It's just more enjoyable to drive.
For those not already familiar with it, the Al2 Open End is covered in some detail here:
Shame it wasn't developed further with removable side beams like the Pluriel, some might not like the concept of a cabrio A2 but look at todays trends and markets.......I would be happy to drive a quirky car around in the sun