Cruise control retrofit


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I just received my cruise control stalk and a cable that comes with it.
Now I need some help. I know that after the installation it must be
enabled with VCDS, which I have. What I don't have are the wiring
Instructions and VCDS instructions.
Any help will be much appreciated, but I have a feeling that Spike will
probably come up with wiring instructions or a link to it, so thanks in
advance Spike, and timmus might have advice based on his vast
knowledge, so thanks to you too, Tom, again in advance.


Cruise Control Adaptation

Log into Engine ECU (Controller 1) using VAGCOM
Login Code 11463
Turn off ignition
Turn ignition back on
Login into Controller 1 – check for the G in the controller information (G means CC is active)
Go to measurement block 22 and operate the CC switch – should see from 0 change to 1 etc

Cruise Control Stalk Wiring

Stalk Stalk pin No White connector near ECU ECU pin No
Blue Pin 2 Blue/Black Pin 7 of white connector Pin 45 on ECU
Red/Yellow Pin 3 Blue/Red Pin 8 of white connector Pin 44 on ECU
Black/Yellow Pin 4&7 White Pin 10 of white connector Pin 14 on ECU
White Pin 5 Black/Red Pin 9 of white connector Pin 46 on ECU

Stalk Stalk pin No Brake Switch
Blue Pin 6 Red/Green wire on Pin 2 of brake light switch (this links to the 12 volt supply from fuse 30 in the fuse box)

This is what I gleamed from numerous different posts on here somewhere, no single post seemed to have all of the information in one place, hence I put this together
Hope it helps

If the White connector is not present (as it wasn't on a TDI that I have just fitted cruise control too) then you will need to go to the Engine ECU connector directly and there were no wires on the pins above, so had to do a little micro soldering to make the necessary connections. The white connector is certainly easier to connect to if it is present



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I installed the hardware over the weekend, fiddly but not to difficult. photos taken, will post when finished.
As I'm doing a connection on the main ECU connector, I need to remove some pins, not having proper tools for that, I ordered them and as soon as they arrive, I'll finish it of. Can't wait.

I had mine fitted by an Audi dealer many years ago - recommended. Out of interest which stalk are you using? I have read that there is an old and new version. I have the old one, can anyone provide a link to the new one? - thanks in advance.


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I had mine fitted by an Audi dealer many years ago - recommended. Out of interest which stalk are you using? I have read that there is an old and new version. I have the old one, can anyone provide a link to the new one? - thanks in advance.
Hi Ricardo,
I have no idea what version it is. image.jpeg image.jpeg This was on the stalk bur I removed it as it was taking very limited space.
This is what it looks like image.jpeg
Hope it helps.

I believe this is the older 'none preferred' stalk - it is said to be counter intuitive to use, but I have this one and find it perfectly acceptable (but I have never used the latter stalk)

A link to where you bought it would be appreciated, and the price please

It was bought from Cumcartec from Germany. Google it, comes up straight away.
Price was €52+€10 shipping to my brother in Italy as they don't ship to Cyprus.
They have more interesting stuff.



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Today my pin removal tool set from China has arrived, so I went on to connect the 4 wires to the 81 pin connector of the ECU. My 2001 tdi had wires installed in positions 14,44,45 and 46 that were to be used by CC stalk. Following advice from timmus, these had to be removed, but I was cautious not to cause any damage to the connector itself while doing it.

Well, it was a struggle, but I managed after 90 minutes of blood, sweat and FEARS. It took me a long time to discover the big connector can be dismantled what makes the work possible.

I won't go into details as I believe (after seeing what it takes) it should only be done by professionals, me not being one of them, I wouldn't want to give an advice here as it's safety related and I might/will get something wrong. If I lived in UK, timmus would be my obvious choice, over here, you must be brave to let someone do it for you and I'm not that brave.


Now, all the hardware is in place, tomorrow I will enable and test it in VCDS and will report.
Found the retrofit quite straightforward myself. Not trying to be a smartass, but just to "counterweight" so others does not get too scared doing the retrofit themself.

I got the pins removed from the ECU socket easily by using small flat screwdriver. There is also very limited programming involved; basically just to tick off cruisecontroll enabled.

On youtube there is also a video of one doing the retrofit for a 1.2TDI.


And finally a working Cruise Control. Very happy now.
I could not enable with my HEX-NET, but when old laptop appeared,
it was so simple.

I want to thank you all for your help and advice, it is much appreciated.