Dash Cam rear view mirror (and reversing camera)


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Good afternoon,

Has anyone had any experience with fitting the style of dash cam which goes over the standard rear view mirror? Many of them also integrate reversing camera functionality.

I’ve been using a behind mirror dash cam so far but it’s gone all goofy (not bad for £22 though). My mirror is a bit spotty anyway so no great loss. And I’m mince at reversing. Oh, and I hate things stuck in the window. Yuk!

There seem to be some very cheap offerings and some very pricey offerings. £30 up to £200 seems the range.

I’d love to hear the wisdom of others before I take the plunge.

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I did consider one of these about 6 months ago when my Roadhawk dash cam played up but I got the impression that these were a bit too wide when you want to use the sun visors?🤔


A lot of the over mirror cameras were designed for left hand drive cars, therefore, they tend to point towards the pavement when installed on RHD cars...check whether the camera is movable allowing it to point in the forward direction (I only know this because my daughters looks like she's window shopping at speed!!!, No option to turn the camera angle. Worth checking.