Drop links

I wouldn't put them on search for meyle drop links i put the cheap ones on mine lasted 2 days i put meyle on 3 months ago and still fine.

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Hi Mike I've got my fsi in my garage with all the wheels off replacing the brakes with the power discs and pads.. and tidying up the suspension .. I wanted to know wether the Meyle drop links are the same for the tdi and the fsi .. I'm about to order them from eBay .. they're pretty reasonably priced ...
S2Dicky I've gone the other way on my 54 plate storm ..taken the marketing teams idea of a fussy service plate off and fitted the original design by Luc Donkervolke

Hi Barry yes they are the same drop links- £28 was the price i paid last time for mayle HD drop links.
Thanks Mike ...im going to order them.. I was all set to order when I got a reply from Tony A2Cars saying he'd moved over to TRW drop links saying they were better and more reliable ...

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