EGR valve bracket mount mod


Hi all,

After diagnosing that the "mooing" sound was the EGR valve and not something more serious (thanks to this site) i made a couple of foam spacers to put between the bulkhead and the bracket to try and reduce the noise. Although this worked to a degree, it could still be heard and was very irritating.

I then did as others have done and detached it from the bulkhead completely just to confirm that the EGR was responsible. Doing this eradicated the sound 100% but i didn't like the thought of it just dangling there and stringing it up with a cable tie looked really crude imo.

I'm not sure what the Audi 'bobbin' kit looks like but there was no way i was going to shell out £70+? on a couple of rubber spacers! So i had the idea of making a couple of rubber bushes myself. I deduced that the reason i was still getting the resonance could be because the bracket was still in contact with the threaded nubs that protrude from the bulkhead to attach the EGR bracket. My idea was to make a bridge type bush that would indirectly attach the bracket to the bulkhead without either actually touching each other.

I sourced a length of rubber hose from a local scrappy for free and got to work! They say a pic paints a thousand words and everyone likes pics over text so the pics below should explain better than i could with words how i made them. I'm over the moon with the results! I don't think they look too bad saying they didn't cost me a bean and only around an hours work fudging about with how best to make them.

The best news is that they are now bolted up in more or less the same place and the noise/resonance produced post fitting is a big fat zero! There may be better ways of doing things but i couldn't find any info on it so i thought i'd share how i dealt with the problem - necessity breeds invention afterall! Hope this may in some way help other TDi owners who are suffering the "old macdonald had a farm" syndrome - with a moo, moo here, a moo moo there, here a moo, there a moo. . . . . . . . :eek:



Haha. . . Thanks Dan. . . Just doing my bit to potentially help others for as little outlay as possible. . . The info and knowledge on here has saved me an unknown amount of hard earned - it's nice to return the favour! ;)


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It's an ingenious mod actually - the EGR moo is a nuisance problem for many so this is a great solution.


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I'm a bit confused. Having read your wonderfully illustrated article I went out to view the same in my A2.
However, the EGR valve itself is located behind that foil-coated funnel to the left. The brackets you have rubbered are just mounting for some electrical switches.....can this really reduce my moo-glugg noise?

Mr Angry

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just like to add to this great mod :)

here is my effort...


this was the best improv i could muster up and although mines doesnt look as good as uvk's due to me not having a black hose, i would say mines is 90% quieter!




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Having just stumbled across this and becoming increasingly irritated by the mooing, i'm gonna give this a shot!

Nice work you guys!

E T Oddie

UKV.. moochas gracias just spotted your post will try similar fix to yourself , today I stripped EGR and cleaned to no avail trying to eradicate the sound of a herd of Milka Koos.


On my second A2 TDI and can't believe this was the culprit for all that noise and unresolved on my first A2 - 5 mins and it's unbolted currently hanging but 100% better! Will get some hose tomorrow. Thanks another awsome thread!


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Having owned and driven 7 A2 TDIs
I have yet to encounter this mooing noise, from a Y reg to a 55 plate.
Have I just been lucky.
It's a great write up though and handy if I ever come across this problem.


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Not having experienced any mooing noise, but have had a popping / farting type noise. This turned out to be from the right angled elbow on the N75 valve. I removed the elbow and connected the pipe back onto the valve with a short straight section. Strangely the noise went away when the assembly was disconnected from the bulkhead and just left loose. I put the false "cure" down to the leaking part sealing again in the loose location. The elbow was pretty soft and suspect it was not just age related but also a bit of diesel rot from the tandem pump. Now in the process of replacing all the other rubber pipes on the N75 down at the turbo end as soon as I can get access to them.


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I understand that it is the valves resonating and if hard mounted that is amplified by the aluminium structure acting as a speaker
suspending the set of valves on rubber mounts prevents the resonance being passed to the body shell