End of Season Meal - Silverstone Saturday 19th November 2022

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Event start date: Saturday 2022-11-19
Event end date: Saturday 2022-11-19
Registration ends: Sunday 2022-11-13
# Username Guest count Note
1 Teresa Teresa 2 Teresa & Gary - hotel room booked
2 Proghound Proghound 1 Just me. No hotel needed :)
3 RZX RZX 2 Premier Inn booked
4 steve_c steve_c 1 Premier Inn booked
5 Erlingtheyounger Erlingtheyounger 1  
6 2work 2work 1 No hotel required
7 S simon martyn 1 Hotel not needed
8 KekseKaempfer KekseKaempfer 1 A2 less.
9 PlasticMac PlasticMac 1 Premier Inn Booked.
10 Dave M Dave M 2 Premier Inn booked T thankyou.
11 chumsofmanutd chumsofmanutd 2 Premier Inn Booked :)
12 T tdiquattro 1 I live nearby so no Hotel needed, looking forward to the meet!
13 Rich. Rich. 1  
14 wills wills 2 Just for a meal
15 in9999 in9999 1 Premier Inn booked
16 D donp38 2 Premier Inn Booked.
17 celsisone celsisone 1 Just for a meal
18 ajsellors ajsellors 1 Premier Inn booked
19 murdo murdo 1 Premier inn booked
20 Cenick Cenick 1 Booking Premier Booked
All having a good time


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Evening all,

Now back home after an awesome evening in great company with some very nice food. A pleasure to see so many faces.

Thanks must go to Teresa for the organisation in the background, work which is easily overlooked.

Already looking forward to the Start of Season Meal next year.

Kind regards,

Thank you so much for the lovely words. Its the people attending who make the socials, so a massive thank you to you all for coming along.
@bretti_kivi - Gary really enjoyed talking to you and @celsisone so no need to apologise.
It was so lovely to see you all and I shall send massive thanks to the Green Man for really looking after us and getting really lovely food out, all without a chef.
I shall now start 2023 social planning with earnest, so if anyone thinks of something that would make a good social, just let me know and I'll try and put something together.
Love and hugs T x
What a cracking evening that was. Many thanks Teresa for your wondrous organisation. Food was great and as ever it was a great pleasure to put faces to names.

Pretty good venue as well.

All the very best to all,


I can only agree with Simon, best night I've had in a long time. 5* for the venue and service. It was great being in a separate area too, good for us, and other patrons.
Thanks to @Teresa for everything.