Farewell guys

Afraid I had to 'chop her in' lads. 4 happy years in 'the woodlouse' but it was time for a change. I should be moving to Madrid in the next few months but in the meantime I have this to run around and enjoy the sun in.If the cash works out alright I may even be taking it with me for a while.


Many thanks to you all, especially Skipton,Sarge,Brett and fellow 'petrolhead' Humps. Best of luck to you all guys. I never did make that 400 miles from my 'small tank' but I still think it's possible!

Cheers ,

Stuart 'VonB'


Dick Chown Award 2015
Sad to see you go Stuart, wishing you all the very best on your future move Buddy. :cool:

P.s The Mazda looks very clean. Aren't they left hand drive over there?

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