Front coil spring snapped


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Afternoon all

Just been out and front passenger side, broke half a coil spring into the road!

Anyone have a recommendations for standard replacements, please?

Are sport different spec springs?


1.4 TDI BHC Sport


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Sports have their own springs (as distinct from non-sport suspension models) and make sure you spec for a TDi. Most factors will be able to get springs, just make sure you stick to the big brands. They may ask whether you have pan-roof (OSS) although that's more for the rears really.

There may be a case to be made for replacing in pairs (dampers always). Also be aware that a reason for failure (other than corrosion starting a stress-riser) is a seized top strut bearing. This seems to be common on A2's and is often felt via a 'Boing!' when turning the steering wheel or shortly afterwards. Effectively the spring is being wound up when you turn rather than smoothly rotating. You can dismantle the top mount bearing and regrease, but if you're paying for labour it's not worth it, just replace: you can get Febi etc.

Top mounts fiddly to access, esp RHS, doubly so if you have Webasto aux heater, otherwise not a terrible job: hub stays in place and strut slides out with no settings lost.
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I always replace in pairs and with the A2 I replace the top bearing mounts at the same time as they as most likely a bit knackered.
I used kyb springs on my SE cost me £30 for the pair from a retailer on eBay and the febi top mounts were £21 from Amazon for the pair

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Thanks for the replies
Not really sure if I've picked the right ones but seen these


are a bit cheaper on there website with code, £31 each

and top mounts

Are these what I'm looking for?



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Complete List of OEM front springs for the Audi A2

2 red 3 blue dots
6Q0411105AD 3 red 1 blue dots
6Q0411105AE 3 red 2 blue dots
6Q0411105AF 4 red 1 blue dots
6Q0411105AL 2 red 1 yellow dots
6Q0411105AM 2 red 2 yellow dots
6Q0411105AN 2 red 3 yellow dots
6Q0411105AP 3 red 1 yellow dots
6Q0411105AR 4 red 1 yellow dots
6Q0411105AS 1 red 1 brown dots
6Q0411105AT 1 red 2 brown dots
6Q0411105BA 1 red 3 brown dots
6Q0411105BB 1 red 4 brown dots
8Z0411105 4 grey 1 green dots
8Z0411105A 4 grey 2 green dots
8Z0411105AF 1 green 3 silver dots
8Z0411105AG 2 green 3 silver dots
8Z0411105AH 1 green 4 silver dots
8Z0411105AJ 1 blue 1 silver dots
8Z0411105AK 2 blue 1 silver dots
8Z0411105AL 3 blue 1 silver dots
8Z0411105AM 4 blue 1 silver dots
8Z0411105AN 1 blue 2 silver dots
8Z0411105B 3 green dots
8Z0411105C 4 green dots

Front Springs for the Audi A2 available from Optimal, Sachs, TRW


Optimal AF-4770, Sachs 993180, TRW JCS1054
Length 343mm, Thickness 11.25mm, Diameter 137mm, Weight 1.56kg

Optimal AF-4748, Sachs 997841, TRW JCS190
Length 357mm, Thickness 11.25mm, Diameter 138mm, Weight 1,5kg

Optimal AF-4745, Sachs 997842, TRW JCS142
Length 365mm, Thickness 11.25mm, Diameter 137mm, Weight 1.5kg

Optimal AF-4746, Sachs 997843, TRW JCS214
Length 355mm, Thickness 11.5mm, Diameter 138mm, Weight 1.7kg

8Z0411105AH (Front springs for 1.4 diesel with OSS)
Optimal AF-1206, Sachs 997853, TRW JCS880
Length 342mm, Thickness 11.15mm, Diameter 139mm, Weight 1.546kg

8Z0411105AJ (Front springs for 1.4 petrol with OSS)
Optimal AF-1207, Sachs 998404, TRW JCS905
Length 337mm, Thickness 11.1mm, Diameter 138mm, Weight 1.514kg

8Z0411105AL (Front springs for 1.4 diesel without OSS, and 1.6 petrol with or without OSS)
Optimal AF-1170, Sachs 997854, TRW JCS317
Length 338mm, Thickness 11.5mm, Diameter 137mm, Weight 1.7kg

8Z0411105AM (Front springs for 1.4 petrol without OSS)
Optimal AF-1171, Sachs 998403, TRW JCS291
Length 342mm, Thickness 11.15mm, Diameter 139mm, Weight 1.55kg

8Z0411105B (Front springs for 1.2 diesel)
Optimal AF-1205, Sachs 998405
Length 293mm, Thickness 10.9mm, Diameter 136mm

Complete List of OEM Rear Springs for the Audi A2

8Z0511115AG 2 orange 2 green 1 yellow dots
8Z0511115AH 2 orange 2 green 1 blue dots
8Z0511115AJ 2 orange 1 yellow 1 green dots
8Z0511115AK 2 orange 2 yellow 1 green dots
8Z0511115AL 2 orange 1 yellow 1 white dots
8Z0511115AM 2 orange 1 yellow 2 blue dots
8Z0511115AP 2 orange 2 yellow 1 white dots
8Z0511115AQ 2 orange 3 green dots
8Z0511115AR 2 orange 2 blue 1 white dots
8Z0511115AS 2 orange 3 yellow dots
8Z0511115AT 4 orange 1 green dots
8Z0511115BA 2 orange 3 blue dots
8Z0511115BB 2 orange 1 white 2 green dots
8Z0511115BC 2 orange 3 white dots
8Z0511115BD 2 orange 2 white 1 green dots
8Z0511115G 2 orange 2 green dots
8Z0511115H 2 orange 2 blue dots
8Z0511115J 2 orange 2 yellow dots
8Z0511115K 4 orange dots
8Z0511115R 2 orange 1 green 2 blue dots
8Z0511115S 2 orange 1 green 1 white dots

Rear Springs for the Audi A2 available from Optimal, Sachs, TRW

(Rear springs for 1.2 diesel)
Optimal AF-1209, Sachs 996941
Length 328mm, Thickness 9.15mm, Diameter 99mm

8Z0511115AS (Rear springs for 1.4 diesel without OSS and 1.4 petrol without OSS and 1.6 petrol without OSS)
Optimal AF-1172, Sachs 996648, TRW JCS782
Length 338mm, Thickness 9.75mm, Diameter 107mm, Weight 1.3kg

8Z0511115BB (Rear springs for 1.4 diesel with OSS and 1.4 petrol with OSS and 1.6 petrol with OSS)
Optimal AF-1208, Sachs 996940, TRW JCS1091
Length 338mm, Thickness 10.2mm, Diameter 104mm, Weight 1.46kg


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If you're replacing both front springs on the 1.4TDI (with or without OSS), I would suggest going for 6Q0411105AC as it's a slightly softer spring than 8Z0411105AL. You can see in the chart above that 6Q0411105AC has an 11.25mm coil spring thickness, whereas 8Z0411105AL has an 11.5mm coil spring thickness.

Kilen 10197 matches 6Q0411105AC. Kilen list this in their online catalogue as being suitable for the A2 1.4TDI. At under £36 for two, Kilen looks better value than Sachs. Kilen is made in Sweden, so you would expect it to be reliable.

2x Sachs 993180 matching OEM number 6Q0411105AC

2x Sachs 997854 matching OEM number 8Z0411105AL

Kilen 10197 matching OEM number 6Q0411105AC
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Thanks to all for your replies, much appreciated.

Just had a look at the drivers broken spring and there are no dots on it,its been replaced before.
Had a look at the passenger side and it has 3 blues and 2 red so the 6Q0411105AC are correct.
Noticed the cover is split can these be changed without new suspension?
The drivers top mount looks ok or is it just worth changing?
Thanks again all.


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It's the bearing within the top mount that fails, either through wear or ingress of moisture and debris. I believe you can simply buy the bearing or replace the whole unit. As above, the giveaway is if you got a 'boing!' noise at all when turning the steering at low speeds / parking.

They are a very common failure point and as I said before, stress the spring unhelpfully accelerating spring failure.

If it's not a daily driver it's not a huge issue: strip it all out, and before removing the spring from the strut, lean heavily on the top mount and see if it rotates easily, smoothly and without lumpy areas. At that point order what you need.

If it is a daily, you may choose just to get top mounts in anyway as it's literally zero extra labour to put them on rather than refitting the old ones. At least then you don't risk being without a car.


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I won't know based on a part number sorry, but you are lookimng for ones for a Polo from 2001-2006
Thanks Steve, the febi top mount above says this

VW Polo IV Hatchback (9N) 1.4 TDI, Year of Construction 2001 - 2005, 75 hp
  • AUDI A2 (8Z0) (Year of Construction 02.2000 - 08.2005, 61 - 110 , Diesel,Petrol)
So I presume its OK.


If your planning unbolting the shocker from the knuckle its likely a new pinch bolt will be required (nearly caught me out)


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Looking for a VW Polo MK4 top mount could be misleading as there were two different OEM part numbers for this Polo, only one of which is correct for the Audi A2 (ie. listed in both the Audi A2 parts catalogue and the VW Polo MK4 parts catalogue).

Audi A2 Top Mounts

Cancelled since 01.04.2012
suspension strut storage
marked with:
6N0 412 331 E

The Audi A2 originally used top mounts with OEM part number 8Z0412331, but this OEM part number was cancelled on 01.04.2012 and replaced with OEM part number 6N0412331E (which is one of the OEM part numbers that the VW Polo MK4 uses).

VW Polo MK4 Top Mounts

(4)6N0412331Esuspension strut storage
Model data: PR-G09
(4)6Q0412331Bsuspension strut storage
Model data: PR-G11,G12

However, most aftermarket top mounts that are sold to replace OEM part number 6N0412331E are also sold to replace OEM part number 8Z0412331, and some aftermarket top mounts are sold to replace all three OEM part numbers including 6Q0412331B.

For example, this SKF top mount is sold to replace all three of the above OEM part numbers:

Note that some aftermarket top mounts are sold with bearings, and some are sold without. Some aftermarket brands do a third option, and include some nuts and bolts including the bearing.
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