Fuel Flap Catch Damage Repair Replace Advice


My Audi A2 1.4TDI Sport.

At local petrol station on vapours and fuel flap release switch crumbled, I looked in the car manual and couldn't find how to manually open flap, and stupid me didn't consider using mobile (Away from station) to see how to manually open the flap from within the light cluster area, so prised it open to get access.

Anyway went on my way, purchases a new switch for the drivers door pillar and have stripped down inner to see if I can repair the mechanical bit it and have come across the following..

1) The black plastic piece that has a rod from the actuator and one to the flap has come off metal bodywork, it slots onto the two holes but looks like the backing plate has dropped off, deep down into the body.
2) Looking in the fuel filling area, it looks like something is missing that fires/moves out from my left that holds the flap shut (Spring all in order)

I would be grateful of advice to repair or replace



I think A2Steve is you man mate, I'm sure there will be the parts that you have broken on his latest breaker