Fuel gauge problem 1.6 FSI


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Hello everybody,

I've got an issue with our A2 1.6 FSI regarding the fuel gauge. It is always showing that the tank is full.

Fuel pump has been changed (because of car misfiring) and after that the fuel gauge was stuck a little bit below half a tank.

After that, the mechanic cleaned everything around the fuel pump and checked all the câbles and the gauge was showing full tank.

Since then it is stuck like that.

We are filling up the car every 400km to be sure not to ran out of fuel but now we want to fix that problem.

If anybody has an idea of what the problem can be it would be very nice :).

Thank you in advance.


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Strongly suspect the wrong fuel gauge was fitted, quite a common occurrence due to pump specification change mid production years. Just ensure new and old pump part numbers match exactly.

Lots to read on here about this, simply Google 'a2oc FSI fuel gauge', a good example is this one..



Hi, just jn case it's helpful, I changed my fuel pump and had a similar problem but reversing the polarity of the sender wiring cured it for me,

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