GDW Towbar & Erich Jaeger wiring


Hi all,
I've just completed the installation of a GDW Towbar, which came with a 13 Pin Erich Jaeger wiring harness.
Having sat religiously and translated the wiring installation instructions from German, I fitted it all exactly as per the translation - all well and good. However, having firing up the car and checked its tail lights, all of which were OK, but the moment I stepped onto the Brake Pedal I got a Brake System Fail indication from the 'Driver Information System' (DIS). So I disconnected the wiring links to the rear lights, ensuring that the new harness is completely independent and the indication remains.
So this morning I ran my VCDS on the car, got zero faults but the indication remains!!
Question therefore is, has anyone else had this issue and how was it resolved??
In the meantime I've written to Erich Jaeger asking about an additional harness that by-passes the car monitoring system.

Any help would be much appreciated 👍

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MrBroons is James,s profile name and can be contacted via PM for when he is next on online. Hes fitted one or two tow bars so may be able to help.


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Just thought I'd update here (thought I had already but maybe didn't press post)

I've fitted the bars but as the electrics are outwith my skill set I handed the work over to my local tow bar fitter. The work was done cheaply and I know it's right and warranted.

I looked at the Jaeger kit and whilst it looked like it had a tighter integration into the electronics it seemed expensive vs the price I had locally so went with that.

Sorry I can't be more help.


Yeah, thanks for that. Though I'd discovered this for myself yesterday whilst going over the Erich Jaeger website. So still scratching my head this morning, I purchased the 'additional' harness @ 19 euros. Still rather disappointed that the additional harness wasn't included within the kit, and I still haven't rectified the 'Warning Light' issue! As I mentioned above, I've now completely isolated the Towbar Harness from anything within the car and yet I still get the warning light?? Guess its back to fundamentals, Fluid Level, Fuses, Brake Pads etc, though none of these signalled attention before starting the project! :(


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I used the attached wiring diagram from Erich Jaeger without any problem. I also have DIS.

This is the Pin/Wire schematics.


Hi all,
Many thanks for all the responses. To be honest and out of pure desperation, I ended up pulling every fuse including the main underfloor fuses associated with lights, steering and ABS, together with disconnecting the connector of the ABS controller/ECU. Thankfully, something somewhere must have reset itself as I'm now fault light free. Phew!!
Just waiting for the additional, 'Monitor Free' 721414 wiring harness now 👍