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I'm Bawhee and I've been driving the A2 (1.4 petrol) since I've had my license, as it was my mom's birthday present to herself in 2001 and she has since upgraded. I've thought about moving on to a different vehicle once or twice since this one does have a lot of wear and I'm constantly on my toes about something potentially going wrong - most recently the battery was having some kind of issues that killed power steering and most other electrical systems which made for a fun drive home. Replacing the battery was all that took to fix though and I haven't really had any truly major engine issues yet.

The reason that I haven't decided to move on despite the years and miles on my A2 is simply that it really does feel incredibly good to drive and I can't afford a nice new car, quite frankly anything else I get would feel like either a downgrade or - in the case of something that would feel equally nice to drive - cause me to go into soul crushing debt.

I'm looking forward to poking all your brains about the various fun quirks that come up with this wonder we've all grown to love such as why the Bose sound system is so bad at reading cassettes and what I can do in terms of replacing that - but that's a topic for another day, one when I've got some spare change lying around and am not basking in the glow of taking global second place in A2 miles.


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Welcome to the forum Bawhee. I commented on your post in the 200k thread, what an achievement for the car and for you! Ask away with all questions, I hope the combined knowledge on here will keep you both rolling for many more years to come :)


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Thank you for the kind welcome, I'm sure I'll have lots to ask as soon as I start actually planning my upgrades, particularly the first thing that I encounter every day is the Bose sound system - I've actually looked around about that on this forum before but never got around to making an account - it's one of the things people wouldn't expect about a car from 2001 but the sound system and quality is kinda bonkers good.

Sadly my model only offers radio or cassette, and the casette - AUX adapter thing is not a viable solution anymore due to some strange bugs where only the right side speakers work on cassette about 70% of the time. Taking the cassette in and out or resetting the radio or rewinding the tape and other "reset" like actions all have a chance of making it work on all speakers though. Seems to be something to do with the actual reading of the tape and tape position within the device and resetting it's position fixes the issue. Either way I'd love to replace and upgrade to something that offers some kind of fancy commodity like USB and keep the sound quality, which seems to be less than simple based on my limited research done so far.


Fairly basic ICE problems presumably could be solved by fitting a replacement Concert II (or Chorus II if you need cassette - assuming Single DIN system in both cases) and some minor wiring tweaks - sounds like something @timmus could fix in his sleep? Probably the most cost-effective means of bringing the sound system fully back to life in absence of a ground-up restoration.


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Post up a pic of your current head unit. I am sure there are options that won't cost the earth!

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