Headlight Washer - Feeling smug until.....


On posting a picture of my new A2 someone kindly commented on the headlight washer option that I have. That piqued my interest in just how rare the option was and that I had it.... felt smug.

Then I realised on my PDI I didn't check the function despite discussing with the vendor that it enables a Xenon update - not that it interests me. So I went out to give it a go and hey presto - no fluid from one washer and the other sprays away from the car. Quick inspection shows some missing parts but 7zap site is down so I can't see what parts I am missing

Hopefully most parts will be there and only a few needed to allow for resurrection of the option.

That'll teach me-moral of the story- a. check the car fully b. NEVER feel smug

If parts are difficult etc I could always convert car to a road sweeper as the jet is the perfect angle for the gutter and I could jerry rig a stiff bruch and old hooverfor the full effect