Heated seat fitting.

Hello everyone , winter is approaching and I need warmer leather.

Has anyone got any routes to bringing warmth to the heating bit of my TT heated seats? I have switches from an Audi, I think it was an A6, but am not sure where to start with wiring. There is an old post on here possibly recommending this........

But my German isn’t great so not sure if it is the answer.

Any ideas anyone?

Ta. Tony.

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Not a comprehensive 'how to' but these old threads may be a good starting point -

Cheers Spike


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Sorry I have no idea about the Kunset loom, but if you want to make your own loom I have a heated seat wiring diagram for an old A4, very similiar to the A2 (but the wire colours are different), that gives an idea of what you need. It's quite understandable, even I understood it, showing what wires are needed and where, not that complicated. Unfortunately it is copyrighted so I do not want to include it and have the potential to get the club into litigation, I will send it via PM.