HELP needed Steering wheel with buttons for radio + bluetooth CC select issue


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Hi all.

After scanning most threads concerning the issues I have not come across answers or solutions.

Problem 1
I fitted a steering wheel from an Audi A4 which has the buttons for adjusting the radio.
It doesn't work however, what am I missing.
My car is a 2001 A2 1,2 TDI 3L.
Pictures of the radio and the steering wheel below.

Problem 2
I fitted a bluetooth adapter to the back of the radio and my phone connects to the Bluetooth device but I cannot select CC via the button on the radio.
Again , what am I missing

Help please :)
Steering wheel.jpg


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Problem 1:
To get the MFSW working is not a plug and play affair. You’ll need some additional components to have it fully working.

Problem 2:
Are you able to show the BT adapter you fitted along with its wiring harness. Did you earth it after plugging it into the vehicles mini ISO connector.

I truly think your best best is Tom @timmus to assist you with this installation, he has completed these retrofits many time before.

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