How do I... Remove Speedo Cowling


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Thinking about getting the instrument binnacle cowling cover retrimmed, but need to remove it first. Any ideas on how to do this?
There are two splined screws in the "roof of it" That is it!. You should be able to feel them underneath the cowling.

It also fits tightly on the sides so you need to ease it up and out.

Steve B


Dick Chown Award 2016
Thanks Steve, any pics available anywhere - Does the top pop off so you can get to the screws?

You really don't need pictures.

Just put your hand inside the binacle and you will feel the two screws in the inside of the top.

With these undone the cover comes off, the two sides at the front and the middle of the back are just held under slight pressure by locating lugs, but it should lift off easily enough when you have undone the two screws.

The top part of the binacle then lifts off, that is the bit you would cover.

It is in two parts, you just need to remove the top "skin" so you don't lift from the inside, just remove the outer cover

Steve B
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