How to remove rear bumper ?

Is there (or can anyone post) a crash course in removing the rear A2 bumper (with parking sensors) ?

the other half has managed to pop in the corner in a reversing accident, and apart from some minor paint scuffs, it looks like it might spring back out again with the appropriate persuasion from behind :)

cheers for any help!


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You need to remove both wheels and arch liners, take out screws underneath and take out screws below the chrome trim strip then the bumper can be persuaded out from the main body of the car.

It's not a quick job and you will need to do one wheel at a time, unless you have a professional ramp.


many thanks.

I have stands, t.jacks, and all sorts from when I used to tinker, so no problem there.

knowing where the fixings are on a car you're not familiar with, however, is 90% of the battle!

when you say 'below' the trim strip - is that literally - does the strip actually cover them ?


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The screws you need to remove below the aluminium trim strip are ufortunately not seen in those photos, although the ones in the wheel arches are.

If you remove the trim strip, you'll see the screws I mean, nestling about 3 inches down (they're in the part that looks like the top of a castle wall in the photos).

The ones which caused me much grief were really high up under the arches. Once you have all the screws removed, the bumper will come out quite easily - lining it up again is a different matter!



We had the same problem on ours but I was able to massage it with out taking it off. Its not perfect and I need to remove it to realign it at some point. To assist with this I purchased a pair of rear bumper sliders. Apparently these are used in assembly to slide the bumper into correct alignment and although they "don't" contribute to holding the bumper on, when you give the bumper a wack the snap at it makes the bumper look like its about to fall off. Any how they were only a few quid. I'll know when I take the bumper off whether I've been sold two useless triangular bits of plastic or not!

- just had a look at the photos in the above link and can spot the plastice sliders at point where the bumper meets the rear wheel arch


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All done :)

what a lot of screws!

to remove bumper:

The plastic 'chrome' trim strip doesn't actually have to come off per se - the black plastic trim with the drain holes does - this can be carefully popped off by slotting a scredriver down each of the tabs which locate with the chrome strip - then the screws underneath can be removed (5 or 6 of them iirc)

wheel arch liners and mudguards off - and removing the screws from the arch trims is a good idea too - this allows them to be moved aside - there are also two screws on the underside of the bumper which need to come out.

then it can be popped off the two tabs on each side where it locates near the light clusters.

- the rather nasty dent I got out (carefully) by levering with a rag over the end of a wooden stick, then stress relieving the whole area with a heat gun, and massaging the creased areas manually. Apart from a little crazed paint and one small area where the paint came away on the worst crease - you'd never know it had been bumped :) - it did help that I've a lot of experience with mucking around with cars before though.
well, having read this thread I thought..."how hard can it be?" I started at 10.00am and have to say that by 12.00 and no closer to knowing which are the screws to take out. Seems I've already taken out 20 screws and that's just on the one side and underside... My biggest problem seems to be knowing which screws to take out after I have taken out the back half of the wheel arch lining.

Wife now needs to go out, so have put the wheel arch cover back on, the wheel back on and the screws on the top edge of the bumper....Let's hope that holds it on....

1) Wheel arch: How do I remove the black plastic lugs attaching the arch trim to the bodywork without breaking them

2) Can someone please tell me how many screws I should be expecting to take out under each wheel arch trim to release the bumper and if you can describe where they might be??

As for the underside screws - there was mention of 2, but this is well below how many I seem to have going along the black trim....I have more like 6 or 7....

For someone who has practically built their own house and several motorcyles, I find myself beffudled by this operation. I may have to revert to plan B, which is not to remove the bumper at all and install the PDC through the top space....Which currently looks easier even if I am to lose some skin off my fingers...

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If you have ETKA or ElsaWin they will show you where the screws are and how many there are.
There are a couple of different types of screw from what I can see.


The image is a screen shot from Elsa and shows where the screws are. I am sure more details must be posted on here somewhere...
There seem to be six screws along the base in with a pair of one type of screws on each side and two different screws in the middle.

Hopefully the image helps! Good luck!

I was also thinking to ask this question,, but thanks dear "gip33" you asked this and I also got the answer.. because I am also stuck at removing the bumper.. But i hope with these tips I can be able to remove it. Thanks guys for your helpful replies.