Ibis white slow build thread.


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Always was the plan reverse mod it, broken even on all the parts bought and sold and the votex kit paid for the cambelt replacement and a bit more!


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After having the AC regassed in April found by June it had all gone,small hole in the condenser.
Was undecided on whether to have it done but decided to do just for that one day in July when its warm!
Have to have cold air if you have the AC facility.
Searched on here and found @philward was doing much the same and he pointed me to vanwezel on autodoc.

Purchased the items and booked in for fitting.
All went well bar needing a AC pipe (awkward angular one!)
Which I got from Clackers (on here).
Regassed by Kwikfit (Only because they had an offer on!)

Now have cold/Hot air,job done.


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I think it is worth mentioning that I ordered VanWezel on AutoDoc but Serc components were delivered. I have found this before with AutoDoc when I order an obscure brand to save cash but a recognised brand turns up. I don't know if this is correct, if it is an error or if it is intentional product substitution.
No complaining though and happy to accept the recognised brand.