Installing extra 12v socket in the boot.


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Hey guys,

I have for a very long time been thinking about installing an extra 12v outlet in the back boot. I would like to do it myself and was looking for some tips on how to do it or if anyone have a schematics they can share.



You can connect wires from front 12v socket and take it to boot or connect directly from the battery with additional fuse.
Then cut the hole and install socket.
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Oh thnx, I didnt think about connecting it to the front socket, thats a good idea. But I think I might go with directly to the battery with a fuse since it seems easier to connect that way.


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Curious, what applikation would a 12V outlet in the boot be valuable for?
My wife at one time had prescription eye drops that needed to be stored in the fridge. Thinking about holidays I nearly got round to buying a small caravan type fridge for the boot that would have needed a power point. Fortunately the prescription changed and the requirement went away.



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Xalatan. A bane for many. You can now get little pouches that will keep things cool for 8 hours or so if you keep them damp. Much easier.

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