Locking/unlocking problems


Hello to everyone, so bought a a2 1.4 tdi about 3 year ago & the fob did not work so after reading up on it i replaced the Q cccu with a af & all was good.
Last year the drivers door stopped locking with fob, so i have to use fob to lock & unlock the car & key blade to lock & unlock drivers door.
Now last week the passenger side door will not unlock at all so got another af cccu fitted it & no change. if a door or boot is not closed properly it shows on the dash but it does not show if the bonnet is open. i am not a mechanic & own very little tools & at all most 66 year old too late to learn. i paired key to it changed battery & car battery is about 18 month old.i love this little car but local garages wont take it on & i cannot afford to take it to main dealers. dont want to get rid but im told it will fail the m.o.t in august if i dont get door done. all ready put a bit of money into it with drive shaft disk & pads/cam belt water pump etc.Dont want to sell or scrap but with no knowlage of the car i am stuck. Dont know any one with the vcds. when setting off in low gears i hear locks clicking quite a bit.
Any help would be great thank you.


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You cannot be that far from Tom(Timmus) in Lancaster. Arrange a visit to him by PM, job sorted.


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hi how far is lancaster from west yorkshire
That depends on where you are in West Yorkshire. Lancaster, as the name suggests, is in Lancashire, so I’m in the neighbouring county. It takes me an hour and a half to get to Leeds.




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hi andy how do i pm tom
Hover over this or any other @mention of @timmus name, or his avatar on one of his posts. A pop up will appear, there is a 'Start Conversation' link in there. Alternatively click the envelope icon in the top bar, you can start a convo and type Timmus in the recipients box.