low battery??

hi friends

i have tested battery(original battery audi 1.4 ie 2002)
12,3/12,4 volt is good value?
little difficulty starting.

Hi Antonio,

The voltage probably will have little effect on how well the car starts. Even old car batteries often still put out over 12v (my original A2 battery that I just replaced does this). Over time a battery looses its capacity to store charge so it cannot provide enough current to start the engine. If your battery is from 2002 it will probably need replacing.


John L

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A2OC Donor
Can you not get a capacity check anywhere?
I thought Halfords and such offered a test for free.
On my car it was done with a printout of the result during the service.
The test showed the battery was only holding 63% or its original current in summer and so needed replacement.

Halfords seem to offer the battery test as a free "car check":

They should, was in at the weekend and it was advertised free of charge, behind the parts desk. Many moons ago when i worked there, we used to drop test batteries for people, kits changed quite a bit now looking at when they had.

Just replaced the battery in my 1.6FSI and from memory they are quite big in comparison to the car...700AMPS for mine, enough to start a truck! Was about £70. Only problem i had after fitting was remembering how to re-tune the keyfob to do the central locking.