MAF sensor faulty?


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Ive bought my A2 Sport 90bhp from a friend about a year ago and although the car was well looked after and behaved as good as gold for him since owning it I have had a few problems.
Firstly I had to replace the G28 sensor because of starting problems then the Mass Air Flow sensor started giving me an engine light warning so that was replaced and now I’m having EGR problems. I dismantled most of the parts to get to the EGR to clean it in situ, which was quite successful and it wasn’t in as bad a state as I thought it would be with only a couple of millimetres thickness of black sooty deposits. As I said cleaning in situ was quite successful so I was disappointed now that I still have the engine light on and after doing a diagnostic check I’m getting a message saying “Exhaust gas recirculation flow insufficient detected”.
After a chat with a mechanic friend he suggested it might possibly be a diaphragm issue in the EGR. I don’t want to keep replacing parts and trying to guess what’s wrong so would like to know if anyone else has experience of a similar problem.
I would appreciate any advice that can be given from anyone with experience of a similar fault.


Worth a VCDS scan I think. Check out the member's scan register (look under Diagnostics), to see who's local to you.