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Hello Folks

I´ve been hobbying VAG cars now about 15 years. This is my third Audi. Always liked A2 a lot like some other Audis too. I´m also kind a dieselgeek. But I still fancy petrolengines more what it comes to S and RS models. Bought my A2 couple of months ago. It´s imported from Germany 2014 by private person. For me the choice was very clear. 1,4 Tdi and 90 hp. For the information 90 hp tdi:s have never imported to Finland via original Audi importer 1,6 Fsi:s also. So both of them, as the whole carmodel A2 are quite rare in here. Managed still to find one, even it actually took almost two years :)

We have a very strong and deep knowledged VAG (and others) builders and enthusiasts here. We also have superb Audi forum, Audifinns here. But again A2 and three cylinder 90 hp tdi, (even very close related to four potted) is kind of combination that you can´t find a lot of information or deeper knowledge from it. That´s why i´m here :)
Cheers , Rami


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looks a beautiful example
Good choice with the TDI engine, 90bhp model is a little more troublesome than the 75 bhp engine due to dual mass flywheel and Variable Vain Turbo.
Once warmed up at least once a week drive it hard through the entire rev range to prevent the turbo from carboning up
As for the DMF, well that is a wearable item like the clutch and brakes, so when it starts to rattle its time to change it

Usual requirements to change belts, tensioners, water pump at 5 years or 80K Miles.

Other than that they are a great car to drive and happily keep up with the modern flow of traffic

Welcome aboard a very friendly forum



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Thanks Paul

Totally true what you say! Actually the dmf has failed in this car some time ago. The snail (turbo) isn´t jamming and still going strong like the whole car as well. Try to give some care for this in future. This has 270 tkm. I have some questions about the flywheel, balancing mechanism etc. What´s the right section (s) of the forum to start the thread? I´ll use the search first of course.

That´s totally right tip not just for vnt based, but for the diesel engines commonly, that pedal to the metal and rev to redline, some "spank" for the engine. I´d say for every day. From old mechanical diesels to modern common rails. Of course the engine has to be warm and so on. Naturally aspirated diesels will carbonize as well if they aren´t "spanked" :) Actually I had 1,9 SDI Seat some time ago. That was one of the fastest carbonizing engines i´ve ever had. Two to three days with soft driving and it had a bad cough. It needed spank every day that it was happy :) It had a bit bigger nozzels and no egr + software. So about everything that you can do for SDI.

Some plans for my precious in future.

New flywheel + clutch (very soon)
Egr delete + racepipe
New "solid" polyamide fuel lines and different kind of fuel filter moved to engine bay
New brake pads +disks + maybe rear calipers
Nice rims
H&R (- 30?) spirngs + quality shock absorbers (Koni?)
Rear and front anti roll bar (H&R)
And many small other things :)


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Thanks Ole!

Nice blue colour and sweet condition!

The original DMF lasted something like 265 tkm. The car was at it´s previous owner then. He was an old man, he had this car only few months. The gentlemen didn´t understand nothing about cars. Dmf failed, it was changed by one amateur workshop....they didn´t had a clue about the car´s character. They put wrong Luk DMF + clutch to the car. It´s for R4 engine :( have to change quickly. Damned....

For remapping I already have an specialist. But huge thanks for your help! I think Vesa from Tuneko has the best knowledge for this kind of R3 tdi:s in Finland. My contact is also very well known Tdi specialist in Finland what it comes to smaller VAG Tdi engines. He is for example a part of compact diesel pulling team. They have quite angry 1,9 ALH in the machine :) The bigger engines have their own tricks from 2,5 v6 to 5,0 v10 have their own specialists. Even though the basic stuff for software is pretty similiar for all older VAG Tdi engines :)


You seem to be «on top of it» 👍

Depronman/Paul sent me a remapped ECU. With that the TDI90 pulls as a 2.0 170HP. However as the EGR is disabled, you should have heated seats (in particular in Finland hehe).

Look forward to your updates!

Edit; try to save the DMF (still original) by never pushing full throttle below 2krpm


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Thanks :)


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Ole seems that your remap is very nice. After proper and cleaver remap it should pull like that :) Actually even more, because of the weight/power ratio. Typical new power numbers are approx. 110-130 hp and 250-330nm depending on maker. Of course it depends is the 170 / 2,0 engine in A6 quattro or in golf :) It is well known that especially torque under 2krpm destroys powertrain in these :) Original turbo is also a bit laggy if you compare newer small tdi:s. That´s of course obvious because of development of turbo technology. Just been thinking that a stock vnt from 1,6 tdi (cr) could be much more lively - perhaps? Well i´m not trying to have a rocket, just nice lively and very personal car.

It is very nice and important that there is good and strict protocol in the forum what it comes to sharing remap software. Thumbs up.


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Some info here on why flywheels from 4 cylinder engines don't work on our 3 cyl tdis

Cheers Spike


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Some info here on why flywheels from 4 cylinder engines don't work on our 3 cyl tdis

Cheers Spike
Thanks Spike. I´m aware of the balancing mechanism of R3 tdi :) Flywheel is one part of balancing the vibrations of the engine.


Just done my flywheel the other day so have a look - happy to answer any questions you're unsure about, was my first clutch job and really it isn't that bad as long as you have the tools (of course i did not), as a lot of other members would probably say definitely get the LUK clutch kit it is more expensive but it comes with screws etc. pre-assembled, would not want to go trying to source the bolts not included with cheap kits or re-using them from old clutch - was literally just aligning the clutch/DMF onto engine, aligning and bolting it in.