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Just got my 1st A2 (Dec
2003) and I'll post pictures soon. This is my 5th Audi and I'm pretty sure it won't be the last. It came with 126k miles in close to perfect in/out condition, with a full service history and various receipts for miscellaneous work done.
That being said, I only drove it a few miles but planing a 3000 mile road trip mid September. If anyone have any suggestions how to prepare the car for the road, please let me know (besides check your tires, oil etc...)
Once i parked the car it stared drizzling and the only thing I omitted to check, the windshield wipers... are not working. It's not the fuse, the washer works and the same 25A fuse controls the washer and the whole wiper system. Any advice before heading to a repair garage?
- Also I'm fairly new to London (east) so if anyone could recomand a fair garage for future maintainance and repairs it would be awesome. Also keep me in mind if any meet ups are being held.
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Welcome to A2OC. Great friendly community with lots of help and advice. Your motor must be a December 2004 on a 54 plate not a December 2003.
I'm sure one of our tech guys will be able to assist with your windscreen wiper issue.

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Hello and welcome,

It looks like you have bought a very nice Dolphin grey 90 SE.... there were only ever around 93 of these cars registered in the UK so its also quite rare. "A2Steve" will be along shortly with a welcome pack containing more informative details.

The windscreen wiper issue could well be caused by an earthing problem around the wiper motor so its worth checking. There is a great social scene within the club.. the next meet is on the 25th September at Duxford Air Museum... hope you can make it.

If I were planning a long trip I would consider taking your car to "A2 cars" in Milton Keynes for a full check over/ service.

Dave :)
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Welcome to the A2 owners club.

The wiper issue can be down to a relay under the passenger footwell but will have to do some research as I cannot remember which one. As Dave has mentioned there is also the issue with the earth problem that could cause it and a simple wire from the motor to a good earth on the car could solve it. Failing that there are plenty of spares available within the club.

I have sent you a pm (private message) containing lots of useful information about the club.*

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I hope you find it a friendly place to be with lots of useful information.*

Best wishes


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Thank you for the worm welcoming. Do know that I read all you've written (to me) and I look forward to meeting you guys in person maybe at the meet. I would love shooting some awesome A2 pictures.

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As for the wiper issue, the chances are that it is the earth on the wiper motor tha is the problem.

Yo can try just toching one end of a wire to good earth and holding the other end on the wiper metal /earth.

window wipers not working

Steve B
It's a bit "funny" because I thought I went crazy for a sec. today... I must have left the wiper on and when I started the car this morning the wiper did "a wipe"... so it worked. Then I didn't try it again until tonight... when it didn't work again.


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It may be the relay but I reckon it is more likely to be the earth.

Perhaps the air / wiper motor was damp this morning and had dried out tonight? the water helping conduct the electricity???

Steve B