Newish member, no A2 yet...

A2 Louis

Welcome to the club :);):p

Go on buy a A2 you know you want to ;)

Just to let you know after you’ve brought your first A2 after 5 months maximum you’ll be looking to buy a 2nd one ;)

Trust me I’m 16 and I own 2 already and I’m looking for a 3rd :)


Hullo! I've been a member for a wee while but haven't posted previously. I may be on the lookout for an A2 in the near future, so I thought I'd better get the firat of my ten posts in to allow me to see the marketplace!
Great timing there are loads around at present so take your time and get the one you want, if you do high miles get a TDI the couple of hundred pounds extra you will pay for it will soon be recouped. Set a price then spec and colour then sit down for an afternoon on eBay, Auto-trader, Facebook market place and most importantly here, between those you will see around 60 for sale at present and it cycles by around 10 new cars/wk.
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Yeah, I'dsort-of noticed that the relative price difference between petrol and diesel models would be cancelled out through the cost of the road tax by the end of the second year, never mind the fuel cost savings.