Orders Update


Hi everyone,

Having got myself rather behind with everything merchandise recently, I took the opportunity presented by the Norfolk monsoon season yesterday to catch up and do a proper stock take.

I have now posted all orders out, or let people know where I am waiting for new stock. Hopefully should have everything replenished soon.

Once thing I have rarely had time to do since I took over merchandise is to update the order status in the shop. I will go through and do that over the next week or so, so please don't be too alarmed if you received an order for something 6 months ago and suddenly get an e-mail telling you that the order is complete. I intend to keep that bit up to date more regularly now.

Thanks again for your patience - I am hoping that work settles down soon and a massive thank you to Ian (@Proghound )for all his support on this

Love and hugs T


A2OC Donor
I know how hard it is to be dealing with multiple orders going to multiple destinations; but I get compensated by making money by doing so. The idea that you are doing it for no personal gain really does deserve a round of applause. Don’t be too hard on yourself.