Original Audi Roof bar instructions - Multi-Language GB, D, F, I, S, NL, E, CZ


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Hi everyone,

I managed to scan the instructions finally. Of course it's all self explanatory, but just good to have a copy online.

The quality is not completely perfect, I have downsized and optimised the PDF for screen viewing to keep the file size to a minimum.



  • Roof bars instructions optimised.pdf
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It's ok only kidding got a set fitted but any time you feel the need to let them go do let me know. Out of interest what size of roof box do you have on there? I have one from another car but I fear that it may be a bit large!
The only bit I missed I think when installing the bars was relating to the foil mats to go on under the roof mount.

An A2 Tardis, with a Tardis top box on top may not time travel terribly well, 75kg max weight permissible for the OEM roof bars, so it is advisable to place whatever size of Roof Box you plan to use onto your bathroom scales to find out it's net weight unless of course if it has it clearly marked on it, and Tuv rated if there is such a box , and then weigh it with the desired inflatable content's, remember air is lighter than material mass. Lol.

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Audi A2 Roof Bars
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Ref. Code: 8Z0071126
Genuine Audi A2 Roof Bars 2000-2005
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These roof bars integrate harmoniously with the overall image.
Aerodynamically shaped aluminium sections with plastic cover caps.
The base for various attachments - ski and snowboard holder, bicycle holder, surfboard holder or the practical ski and luggage box.
Galvanised, coated steel plate mechanism.
Anti-theft locking device. Capacity 75kg

These roof bars are not suitable for vehicles with an open sky system

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That is interesting as according to the manual for the bars the max permissible load is 40kg?
I usually put all our clothes and soft stuff on top (beach equipment, shoes etc). The box was very stable the entire trip. You can feel the wind resistance, but I was still happy with the economy. It was a pretty big box in my opinion.

And, maybe someone who has used the OEM bars with OSS can confirm, I thought the original roof bars made by Audi are ok to use with OSS as long as you disconnect the sunroof button so you do not inadvertently break your open sky!


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I couldn't see "the kitchen sink" there, though! LOL! Oh, the OEM bars are suitable for use with the open-sky system, because of the location of the feet of the bars (they rest outside of the sunroof glass) However, the "Thule" bars are NOT suitable, because they partly rest on the glass and could shatter the panels with load.To save having to isolate the electrics, it is far simpler to stick a small plastic plate over the sunroof switch with adhesive tape. (not that you would be likely to attempt to open the roof after seeing a load of luggage through the sunroof!)

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Hi, I recently purchased an open-sky A2 and now have a chance to buy a pair of genuine Audi roof bars... BUT: is open-sky compatible with roof bars (even genuine ones)? Thank you in advance.
I have Audi bars with OSS and they do sit against the glass. All the weight is on the body though. Would not attempt to open.
Are the bolts that need to be tightend a standard bolts or do they have some special form?
Basically the question is: can you tighten the bolts without the Audi torque wrench?

The roof bar foot fixings need to be evenly tightened upto 6Nm. You don’t need to use the specific torque wrench that was supplied with the roof bars when new, it’s just a hex key, 6mm I think but will come back to you in the next 3 hours with an exact answer, just need to nip out to the garage after the school run and a Teams meeting.

In short, do not be deterred from a potential purchase of a set of genuine roof bars due to them not being supplied with the factory torque wrench.

Here’s a post (post #2) that Graham @audifan put up a while ago which contains the fitting guide.

Kind regards,

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Another quick question: are the genuine Audi roof bars made by Thule?
Can only the locks be replaced? For example if one is broken?
To answer my own question: looks like Audi roof bars are made by Thule, because lock cylinders are from Thule.
Quick question; the instructions state that the roofbars can only be used at the so called marked areas. How do I recognize these areas?

Looking forward to your knowledgeable feedback.

Kind regards Duncan
I have the OSS, but will have look. Upon first inspection didn’t notice any markings. Hence the question.