Original Audi Roof bar instructions - Multi-Language GB, D, F, I, S, NL, E, CZ


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Edit to my above statement...

I have just checked my 2003 car and in my case it is not a triangle but a line that could be mistaken for a scratch but is present in the roof at all four locations and is the last horizontal part before the roof arcs around to the main roof. Tried to take a picture but too dark and camera would not focus.


Thank you very much for the effort. Too dark as well, but I’ll make sure to check tomorrow and confirm.


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Here is a photo. Hope it helps. It really is unnoticeable if you do not look carefully.


Another quick question: are the genuine Audi roof bars made by Thule?
Can only the locks be replaced? For example if one is broken?
Not sure about the locks to the bars. But I drove back from Croatia a couple of years ago in the summer. Arrived home to find I had locked the keys in the roof box. I was knackered, and still had to drive back into town (40 mins away) to the nearest locksmith who could replace the key by identifying the barrel code. All sorted in the end, but now I always have a spare in the centre console!!
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