Our 'New' Family car ..... Detailed today


Wash decontamination with Iron Fallout remover and 'Tardis' Tar remover..Whole car and wheels.......Not much reaction in evidence. The Dealer Valeter appears to have done a fairly decent job, though the car had only travelled 900 miles!
Dried off
Polisher out...Light polish with 'Power Maxed' Polish and medium polishing Pad vis my 'Flex' VRG Polisher
Paintwork degreased with 'Gyeon' Prep...then treated to 'Autobrite Hellshine Abyss' Sealant
Wheel arch liners cleaned with 'Bilt Hamber Surfe'x and finished with 'Power Maxed' plastic dressing
Door shuts and wheels applied with 'Sonax BSD' Sealant
Tyres dressed
Glass cleaned and sealed with 'GTechniq G5'Glass sealant
Interior light vac and plastics given a light wipe. Didnt really need it, but I did it anyway
Then it rained..so dried it off again and took a few pictures

If you would like me to do a similar job on your A2 or any other car...PM me