Possible Project A2 - 200bhp Seat Leon Cupra engine transplant


So far since I have had my A2 the short while, it has made my dad interested in getting one and my good friend who helped me last week replace the leaky vents actually went out and bought one on the weekend. Silver A2 1.4 with 1 owner and 60K on the clock. Working OSS and spacesaver tire.

However, my dad's keen to take on a slightly larger project and swap out the 1.4 engine and gearbox for the 200bhp cupra running gear. He's getting on a bit but has always built cars and wants something to focus on and keep him busy.. not to mention spend endless pounds on!

I've not seen much of this kind of thing on the forum but would be very interesed to see how he gets on. I think he's catching up with a mechanic friend of his who will take on the project with him.

would be interesting to see if it's possible!


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1.8T BAM engine has been fitted to an A2.

Also 1.9tdi PD engine (can't remember which code). If you use a diesel as a base car instead. The ibiza cupra engine is running 160 bhp before remap so lots of potential to take it over 200 bhp.


That's a lot of power for a very light front-wheel drive car. I have issues with traction now and that's with only a remap. Should be fun!


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I too will be interested in watching this project your dad is taking on.
As Steve has said seat cupra tdi pd160 engine is bullet proof. Also 1.8t BAM engine is too.

Do you think your dad will make me one :)



BAM and BJX have both been done, but without climate as it won't fit. The engine height is a problem with some engines... and then the integration with the clocks and the rest of the internal systems.

- Bret


Well... Dad just bought a BARGAIN of an A2 this weekend! a lovely silver 1.4 sport with a broken clutch and misfire. should be straight forward to sort, think he's going to get it up and running and that will be the base for the build if it goes ahead.