Potential MOT failures

Looking for advise;

1) the mirrors do not move; they are seized as typically VAG. That is one mirror is possible to move forward ref photo. Are the mirrors supposed to be movable in both directions ie also clap inwards (in case you hit someone)?

2) headlight adjustment does not work. Nothing happens when turning the adjustmentwheel inside. Any tip here; check if voltage is present at headlight, change motor?




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Hi yes both mirrors move forward and backward but often get stuck with alloy corrosion - try spraying a lubricant in the join

the headlight adjustment dial could be that the motor drives have become loose in the light units.
Both of these issues is not an mot check. As long as the headlights aim correctly it will be good to go. Cheers Mike


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I'm sorry I hadn't noticed your location. The motor drives are a twist fit - easiest to remove the light unit to gain access to them. Good luck mike
Replaced one of the headlamps today with a brand new one. But still the beam adjustment does not work. Checked the fuses and measured 12vdc at the fuseholder.

Any tip for what to check?


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I would check the adjustment switch for bad contact? Or the switch itself.
I understand that neither of the lights would adjust. They are controlled by the same switch.

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