Power Maxed 'Winter Coat' Sealant ....A REVIEW by ChrisRs


1. Power Maxed Winter Coat (Spray Sealant/Drying Aid/QD)
2. Direct from Power Maxed http://www.powermaxe...er-coat-sealant
3. This can be used as a spray and wipe sealant and can also be diluted 40:1 as a top up and rinse aid...though I sprayed direct from the bottle onto a we car and it worked brilliantly
4. Still to early to say how the durability is, but its advertised at 12 months if you use it diluted after the initial application
I would say that it behaves almost exactly like Sonax BSD but is more versatile and feels slicker and can be applied over any sealant based product or a Hybrid
5. Pictures to be added when the weather improves....My clients are very impressed already though
I did half a bonnet with Winter Coat on our DS4 and the other half with a high grade Carnauba Wax (Review #1 above)...Beading is exactly the same!
6. I highly recommend this product......even if its just as a QD or Drying aid..Its superb!!

For those of you with the Nilfisk Pressure washer and wondered what to use the detergent applicator bottle for?
Put 1" of Power Maxed Winter Coat in the bottle and top up with water
Then after the washing stage, attach the bottle and spray over the whole car and dry off immediately
When properly dry....Go around the car with a dry MF cloth....Job Done!!

To sum up.......A very nice product and worth trying
I suppose the best way to describe it is a QD Sealant, a type of Aqua Wax and a conventional Sealant all in one
In short, due to it being water soluble, it dilutes down well without affecting performance.
Apply it neat and buff off, or to a wet car as a drying aid, or as a QD diluted (20:1 was about right after some experiments)
An initial neat application and buff off is preferable, but not essential. Then just use the other two application methods after a wash. It really couldn't be easier, and perfect for Winter!
I found a second wipe with a dry MF cloth enhanced the finish further and eliminated any residue from drying
Durability is yet to be tested, but I have applied a few cars, so will report back after a few weeks
Power Maxed have produced yet another winner here!!
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Great detailed write up Chris, thanks for sharing, looks like there could be a jet wash going on my xmas list haha!
Cheers Jeff


Strewth...You haven't got one?
Cant recommend enough...a MUST!!
Are they better than Karcher in you're opinion mate?.
And is there a model that you can recommend as they have a few different ones?
Obviously buy the best model you can afford but sometimes the mid range can offer the same facilities!
Cheers Jeff
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