Power steering Failure and Code 00566

Hi There!

First major problem with our A2. 2000 1.4 Petrol SE. As per the 'sticky' I am trying to be thorough on the explanation and my thoughts to aid your assistance.

The power steering warning icon illuminated, beeped, and lost power assistance during a trip a couple of weeks ago. On future starts, the warning only came on after engine start, not when the ignition was turned on. The fault has been constant since then.

On VCDS, the only error code was the 00566 Steering Assistance Operation: 27-00 Implausible Signal.

I investigated Elsa Win and this site to come up with ideas as to were to start. I have removed bumper and tested power supply to the pump and integrity of connections to the pump. My setup has not got the G250 steering sensor, and the socket is blanked on the pump.

Elsa win states that the steering angle sensor signal may be to blame with this code.
The process states that I need to test the can bus between the sensor and the dash panel insert.

Does this mean I have to expose the dash panel insert, steering sensor and test continuity between the two?
I guess from Elsa that I have to test continuity between steering wheel angle sensor and pins 18 + 19 of the green 32 pin connector on back of dash insert. Is this interpretation right please?
In addition I need to test continuity between pins 18 + 19 and power steering control unit.

Can I test the steering angle sensor to see if is duff or would vcds told me so?

The reason I seek assurance is that I do not want to needlessly remove the airbag / wheel / dash insert to find that I have read wrong! Having seen Skipton's rebuild efforts chasing a steering problem a few years back, My wife was not after a similar view of the inside of her car!

Thanks in advance and any other thoughts on this issue are welcome. Hope the above ramble is not too confusing.

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