Real life experience of lowering springs

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Excellent thanks I will start doing research on bits and hopefully have a result buy the end of summer
Just the top mounts on the front and you may need shortened drop links depending on how low you go. Everything else isn’t needed, so they are quite a cheap way of changing suspension.


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A word about lowering springs and the experience with them.
On my vehicles which had lowering springs installed the word "spring" could be left out... All where pretty harsh and only fun when the the tarmac was supersmooth.
Some of this had to do with my choices of inappropriate spring/damper choice.
On a former Arosa I bought a complete package spring/damper combo, which was still very firm orientated, although motorways went okay with this set.

Now on the A2. I have B8 Bilstein on the front and back, with all around new top bearings and/or mounts.
1st installed with PI lowering springs, progressive springs. The ride was again harsh, felt it was like on the bumps tops.

Exit Pi springs, and went for Spidan 49527 on the front but kept the aft Pi springs.
The ride was improved, not harsh anymore but still firm, Thanx to B8's.
Although a little bit higher in stance, overall I was pretty satisfied with the ride.
Then one of the springs broke...... Okay, I had to make a decision to replace the Spidan with the same or another brand.

Since the B8's are so good in damping, I thought it may be possible to install an even "weaker" spring and still have a good ride.....
So the search went for a spring that was suitable for an A2. But where do you start and how dependable is the information one can find on the WWW.
Thanx to some gentlemen( @Robin_Cox @carlston ) that are posting here, I came to the conclusion I wanted to try Sachs 998405.
A spring with a lenght of 293mm and made for the lightest A2 of all; the 1.2 tdi.

Why would you even think about doing this? Well, to me it was disturbing that the front was a little bit higher in stance in contrast with the back.
Also there was a bit of understeer, Thanx to this same bit to high at the front, when pushing it more in a corner. Although this was allready massively reduced when the Pi springs where switched for the Spidans.

I've been on my way now with the Sachs for a week and I'm very happy with them in combination with the B8! A little more body roll at the front in corners, which is very welcome in damp and wet weather, and reduces understeer even more.
You could say that setup between front and aft is, eh... Upset, or not balanced, but the funny thing is that it doesn't feel like it is. Ofcourse I'm no professional or reference to suspension systems and only trying to get a ride that suits me.
For what it's worth; at the moment I'm very happy with this combo and hope it will last a long time, because I know the spring was made for a TDI but not the 1.4 ones.
Maybe it is a nice spring for the petrol versions of the A2 too if you think the standard setup is still too firm on your petrol one.

Some pictures on the Dutch A2 forum: (Scroll up.....sorry)

Nice weekend all!
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Having replaced my standard springs on a basic tdi75 i too feel the front looks a touch too high but feel fitting OSS rear springs could even the car out?
The A2 fits higher than a Ford Fusion which is supprising to me!