Remap and clutch.


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The standard clutch is plenty man enough for the usual remaps.

People will always want upgraded parts even if they are not necessary. (me too of course)

Considering that many of the 100,000 plus A2s are still on their original clutch they are well capable of handling the modest improvement in torque that a standard remap produces.

Even the blurb starts out with saying "DriveTorque Stage 2 Clutch Kits are designed for the Significantly Modified Fast Road Car or Track Car. "

Steve B
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Fully agree with Steve, the std clutch (LUK or SACHE) is man enough
Mine was an LUK from new and did 278,000 miles at which point the cross arm that pushes the release bearing failed and killed the release bearing and then the cover plate. The spinner plate still had 0.6mm before the rivets, not to shabby when you measure the new LUK clutch and there is only 1.6mm



Im running abou 115 bhp from my tdi90 and on orig clutch at 155000 miles no prob with clutch slip.
checked the clutch about 5000 miles ago when upgrading gearbox and i was surprised as i was going to change it when apart but still loads of life left.
a lot depends on how you drive, drive sensibly and use the extra power only when needed and all is normally good.
drive like a knob and yes the clutch wont last long LOL