Removing Alternator - Stuck

Having some electrical problems with the car, and trying to get the alternator out, but its stuck.

Anyone got any tips for free'ing it up? Elsawin suggests screwing bolts back in and hammering to free up mounting bushes. Tried this but doesnt help (maybe I am just not hitting hard enough?).

Also, if anyone can recommend where to buy a replacement voltage reg. or alternator from, be much appreciated :)
An old post but I'm having the same problem getting my alternator out.

Tried the suggested tapping bolts back but could only tap one due to clearence and it seemed to make little difference.

Any advice would be appreciated.


Just manged to get the alternator off.

For those doing this on a 1.4 petrol you only need to screw the top bolt back in and tap it a few times to move the top bush out. The bushes are made of steel so a bit of WD40 did the trick.

You can then use a piece of wood to hammer outwards on the alternator housing and you'll see it pivoting forward on the betom bush. Once the top mounting is free you can wiggle the bottom free. The hammering did break a fin or two so be careful if you want to return your old alternator for a discount.

I'm sure a lot of work in the engine bay is easier with the front end off, there isn't much wiggle room and my arms are pretty shredded as a result!