Resolving paint blemishes


Hi all.

So, like many of our cars, mine has a few paint blemishes. Little bit of peel here and there, some pitting on the bonnet, scratching on the tailgate lip. What's the best course of action to remedy this? I've tried the Meguires scratch remover on some parts but this doesn't go far enough. The car in no way - I think - needs a full respray but if I get it professionally detailed (something I fancy having a run at myself) then it won't resolve the issues.

Need some guidance; any thoughts, chaps?

Cheers, Hedge


Admin Team

You'd need to post some close up photos of the defects for anyone to give you a reasonable answer. We benefit from a few hobby detailers on the forum - and a member ( grim reeper) who prepares and refinishes cars for a living.

I dont think peeling lacquer can be resolved in any other way than refinishing the surface but others may have more informed advice. Audi paint is reputed as very tough and can stand some quite aggressive polishing ( at the hands of someone who knows what they are doing) - so surface swirls and light scratches should react well to a good cleaning/polising compound used with a machine polisher. Its also possible to touch in stonechip blemishes and sand/polish these - but its a long process which isnt for the feint hearted. Lots of video clips and advice on Youtube and

You really need to know what you are about with a rotary polisher though. I have one but have never had the guts to use it on the A2. I polished my dad's van with it before we sold it; but it was no more than a bit of practice and I have seen some horrific results of what can happen when a rotary polisher is in the wrong hands ( e.g. there was a black A4 at ADI a few years back that looked like it was polished with a scouring pad. One of these days I'll doorstep Phil (grimreeper) for some lessons!

Some scratch removers are no more than fillers and the results you get wont last.

I'll finish as I started; post a few pictures of what youre looking to repair.


Thanks Murdo, shall whack some pics up.

I tried searching for "grim reeper", no joy..... Wouldn't mind picking his brains.

You did find me, like M said some pics would be great for a start then i know what to give advice on. Don't get me wrong i'm no miracle worker and some colours you just can't do anything with i know Silver looks clean the longest but you just can't get scratches out or touch up.

Prior to tackling any paint job, wash and clay the car to remove road film, tar spots and other marks.

Paint pitting and and minor stone chips can be filled with top coat, then clear coat (if it's metallic). For most day to day scratches this is fine, but if you want a professional finish, then you're looking at rotary polisher and working with cutting compounds, etc. I use Mezerna 203S as it's fine for light surface marks. Wax, then Collenite 476 is hard to beat for finish and ease of use.

Flaking clear coat lacquer is a little more difficult depending on the severity. The flaking edges need to be flattened with P2000 rubbing paper on a rubber block. Spray new lacquer, allow to dry, then blend with cutting compound, wax, etc.